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Football Shirt Memory Ltd would like to comment on a recent transaction of a particular product we sold.

We informed a customer in early 2019 that a product he enquired about was not available, except for matchworn version. We suggested him to look elsewhere. That particular customer unfortunately ignored our suggestion and kept asking us for that particular item. The customer confirmed that our parcel was successfully delivered to Korea. We also proactively cancelled his another 'binding' reservation order which we already paid to our supplier to take the item.

It is common for some clubs in some league to release another version of product that is cheaper but looks slightly different to their matchworn. For example, Eintracht Frankfurt has 'FanTrikotHeim' and 'TrikotHeim' for their home shirt sale. Both are original and official.

We reject any false accusations of that particular product is 'fake', 'not official' and 'not original'. The product is an authentic Nike product and originated from an official merchandise partner of a CSL club.

As the customer had a history of attempting to not honour an agreed sale contract before, we reviewed our policy and improved our pre-sale procedure by doing extra measure to ensure that due diligence and suitability do suit this customer, and repetitively checked his price tolerance, and always sent pictures for his approval before sending an invoice to complete the payment. This would improve security to both sides of the transaction.

In addition, all transactions are covered by our Terms and Conditions. Personalised products are excluded from 14 days return and refund policy.

No matter where you are from, we always welcome constructive feedback so we can keep improving our services. However, forcing us to refund is not the right approach. We kindly remind you to read and respect our Terms and Conditions.

Since July 2016, we have successfully completed over 700 orders to more than 450 customers worldwide. We will keep improving and deliver more niche products to fans in the UK and the rest of the world.

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