Why Bundesliga is the next big thing

Two weeks ago I was in Leipzig to pick up some Adidas stocks from Germany. One evening I went to a German bar and had a currywurst. Their TV was showing the ‘MOTD’ type highlights distributed by Sky Sports. To be honest I am very surprised to see how quality Bundesliga and this Sky Sports DE version MOTD are. The football is fast and direct in Germany, and camera crews know how to turn the pitch looking brighter and nicer on your TV, and how to catch some details from coaching stuffs, players and fans in live broadcasting.

This reminds me a statistics published from Red Lantern, a leading Anglo-Sino marketing agency. Bundesliga has larger than expected followers on Weibo, the interaction rate is also very high. The stats for La Liga in China are surprisingly worse than Bundesliga, probably people are only interested in Real Madrid and Barcelona.

This shows the great potential that Bundesliga has, especially in Far East. Unlike English league, the German football industry provides friendlier environment to Asian players and appreciate their contributions. It attracts more attention for sure, and if smaller teams have them, fans will follow both the team and Bundesliga, which gives the league more unity and power to promote all teams.

In addition, Bundesliga has friendly immigration quota to non-EEA players. There is no limit on non-EEA players/employees for each team, although there is a limit on non-EEA players in the match player list. The best leagues in the history normally had best diversity of players at that time, like Serie A in 1990s and Premier League in 2000s. After Brexit, Premier League will gradually lose such an advantage and Bundesliga will be the only league in Europe to gain from greater diversity.

On above points surely Bundesliga can be predicted to be the next big thing. It is also interesting to see who else can win the ‘salad plate’ after Bayern’s four-year domination.

We have some Bundesliga shirts coming soon, including 2000/01 Hertha BSC Home Deisler, 2014/15 Bayer Leverkusen Home Kiessling & Son and 2014/15 Bayern Munich Home Ribery. Please check out our website when they are released!

The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Football Shirt Memory Ltd.

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