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The Final Fantasy video game franchise was never really my cup of tea - in fact, so underwhelmed was I by the eighth instalment, I decided to sell it to a schoolmate for a measly fiver. Being more of a Fifa man myself, the money most likely went towards the latest EA Sports creation of the time, but what if the two games were merged together? Let's take a moment to envisage what a season in Final Fantasy: Football would look like... Mesut Ozil is an Arsenal stalwart and plays every match without getting injured, Sunderland only have to endure a 20 game winless run at home, it's finally Liverpool's year in the Premier League and England lift the World Cup in Russia. These may all sound like r

CSL Shirts - All There Is To Know

The Chinese Super League (CSL) has become a major deal over the past few seasons, with the commercial value of the league growing year on year. For fans who are not based in China but have a focus on the CSL, you may be wondering why CSL shirts are so difficult to find? Here, we provide a short tutorial about them, and how they can be obtained through Football Shirt Memory, our official merchandise provider. Nike began sponsoring the CSL in 2009, a time in which Chinese football was possibly at its lowest ebb. The deal was heavily criticised as the US kit manufacturer awarded most teams their ‘teamwear’ template as the official apparel, which does not necessarily reflect the rich cultural di

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